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The invisible danger: Fine Dust

The invisible danger: Fine Dust

Fine dust is often associated with the exhaust emissions scandal. But it can also be a problem in your own home. This is because the concentration of fine dust is often higher indoors than outdoors. Through airing or fine dust sticking to clothing, particles invisible to the naked eye get into your home.

Because the particles are so small, fine dust can easily enter the respiratory tract and sometimes even the bronchi. It therefore poses a risk to health. This can lead to irritation of the mucous membrane or an increased risk of thrombosis. Vacuuming helps in the fight against fine dust. But there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Tips & tricks in the fight against fine dust

Vacuuming - it sounds easy. But a lot can go wrong. And it‘s not just the way you get rid of dust in the home that is important. The vacuum cleaner you use often has a big influence on cleanliness.

Using a vacuum cleaner together with a suitable vacuum cleaner bag, is the first step in the fight against fine dust. If you also follow these tips, cleaning your home will be child‘s play:


  • Vacuum cleaner deodorant neutralises vacuum cleaner odours simply and easily.
  • Listening to music when cleaning the house makes the work much easier.
  • Special nozzles improve the suction power of vacuum cleaners with bags.


  • Vacuuming can quickly become a painful affair if you do it with a bent back. So stand up straight!
  • Vacuuming wet areas (e.g. in the bathroom) can damage your vacuum cleaner.
  • First dust, then vacuum! The dust is whirled up again by dusting and falls on the floor

Not every vacuum cleaner is the right one

There is a large market for vacuum cleaners: vacuum cleaners with bag, upright vacuum cleaners or modern vacuum robots. You are spoilt for choice when buying. But not all of them help to reduce fine dust in your home. This is shown by latest study from the DMT research institute conducted on behalf of Swirl®.

Bagless vacuum cleaners especially can cause enormous fine dust pollution. When a vacuum cleaner robot is emptied, for example, this causes more than twice the concentration of fine dust as the peak values measured in smoker households.

Even during use, some vacuum cleaners emit fine dust! Vacuum cleaner robots are the worst for this. While cleaning, they stir up to 1,000 times as much fine dust as a vacuum cleaner with bag, which allows almost no fine dust to escape.

How do I find the right vacuum cleaner system for me?

There are lots of vacuum cleaners: With and without vacuum cleaner bags, and there are some that do the work without any human help. But which vacuum cleaner system is best for cleaning the home?

The Swirl® recommendation: Vacuum cleaners with bags are suitable for cleaning in between times and for deep cleaning. With the correct bag, they can significantly reduce fine dust pollution indoors.

A strong partner - Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags

Vacuum cleaners with a bag and Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags are the perfect match in the fight against fine dust. Thanks to their high filtration performance, Swirl® MicroPor® Plus vacuum cleaner bags with AntiBac System are perfect for combating fine dust indoors.

MicroPor® Plus Anti-Allergen Filter

Allergenic fine dust, bacteria and house dust are kept safely in the bag.

AntiBac System

Reduces the growth of bacteria on the different layers of the bag.

Dirtlock® Dust Closure

The bag can be securely closed when it is removed from the vacuum cleaner so that the vacuumed fine dust does not get back into the room even when disposing of the bag.


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